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Its Been A While hd Goddess Lanie

I-ve been out of town so I know you-ve been missing out on your meals. You were just wimpering and begging for me to come home and feed you. HOW PAATHETIC! Haha well, lucky you, I though about you on the way home. Crazy, right? So I took these little pink pills that make me... loose. I-m going to serve you your favorite soft serve treat! You-re just going to sit there on your knees, mouth wide open, taking it all in. Mmm I bet your mouth is watering right now. Ughh smell that? Smells so gross! I can-t really control when it comes so just be ready, slave. Those farts smell so gross, I bet your stomach is grumbling even harder now smelling your dinner.

published14th, Nov '15
updated 26th, Nov '19
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