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Ripping A Loud Stinky One In Your Face Natalie Wonder

This coffee is making me gassy. It sometimes does. My belly is beginning to cramp - I can feel a fart forming. I stand up, put my ass in your face - let one rip. Holy! That was so loud! Ewww and it stinks. You could almost feel it ripping my asshole as it came out. I keep pushing trying to fart again. I feel something leak out of my asshole. I put my finger down there to feel it. It-s moist. Is that ass sweat or ass juice? I-m not sure. I smell it and it-s very strong. I let another small but fart out in your face. You see my asshole pulsate it out. Mmmmm stinky.----Captures Your Fantasy For: Farting, Smell Fetish, Ass Fetish, Asshole Fetish, Panty Fetish--

published23rd, Sep '15
updated 9th, Dec '19
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